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The World’s dam owners call Worthington for waterway barriers, and for good reason. Worthington Products is the World’s most trusted name when it comes to providing quality waterway barriers for:

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Worthington’s TUFFBOOM, BOATBUSTER, TUFFBUOY and TUFFCAT brand products are installed around the World in places like Bhutan, Indonesia, Egypt, Uganda, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Chile, Surinam, Panama, Brazil and throughout the USA and Canada.

The following pages highlight our primary products. If you do not see a product that fits your particular need, let us know as we offer solutions custom tailored to satisfy your needs.

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Improving Debris Management

The 1985 flood was devastating for the surrounding communities and resulted in a large loss of property. At one point, water was just one foot below the top of the parapet wall. The debris buildup had reduced spillway capacity by roughly 35% which lead to higher flood elevations and potentially triggering a dam failure.

Following extensive study, the dam’s owners , in 2013, enacted a debris management plan using Worthington’s proven TUFFBOOM debris barrier system. The 1,000 foot long debris barrier was designed and positioned to maximize its effectiveness by directing debris towards a special trash gate where debris could more easily be passed. Worthington is very proud to have been chosen to participate in this critical debris management project.

Learn more at: http://ussdams.com/proceedings/2012Proc/1249.pdf.

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